Salads …………… 12.
Soups …………… 6.

chicories salad, duck prosciutto, beets, cabra romero cheese, hazelnut vinaigrette

roasted kabocha pumpkin salad, wild arugula, maytag blue cheese, apples, pepitas, cider vinaigrette

soup of the day

lentil soup, coriander, Spanish olive oil

add chicken 4.
add wild shrimp 6.

Signature Dishes

shrimp and grits cheesy grits, bilbao chorizo sauce 18.

mac & cheese roasted jalapeño, aged cheddar, bacon, herb crust 10.

roasted brussel sprouts quince, almonds, sherry vinegar 8.

shishito peppers sugar snap peas, cashews, vietnamese vinaigrette 8.

eggplant caponata burrata cheese, fig balsamic, ciabatta cracker 12.

served with: fries or arugula salad

braised brisket sandwich
celery and horseradish remoulade 14.

fried chicken sandwich pickles, coleslaw, sriracha 14.

kitchen burger bone marrow, gruyère, pickled red onions, violet mustard 18.

poached albacore tuna melt swiss cheese, pickled fresno chilies 14.

roasted mushroom grilled cheese leeks, gruyère, spicy mustard 12.

the cuban roasted pork loin, pork belly, swiss cheese, pickled red onions, spicy mustard, crispy chicharrón 14.

croque-madame roasted turkey, bacon, gruyere béchamel, fried egg 14.